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Everything you need to do before you take possession of your new home.  Click here for a detailed printable list  


Have you checked with your Landlord about terminating your lease?


Which moving companyshould I hire?

Did you cancel you utilities?

Click here for a printable checklist of all the things to think about when moving out of your place? 

house shopping

How many bedrooms do you want? Bathrooms?

How important is a garage?

Do you need space for a home office?

Does your place need to be pet friendly?

Need access to public transit?

Click here for a printable house 

shopping checklist.


Now that you are a homeowner, what do you need to outfit your space?

Do you have any tools to hang pictures or a screwdriver to tighten your towel rack?

Click here for a shopping list of things you might not have thought about.

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