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step by step

learn the process. then buy the house.



Determine what price point you should be shopping at.


What you can afford will depend on how much you have for a down payment, how much you earn, what assets and savings you have and who you are buying with.

Need more help understanding how the down payment works and how your buying power is also affected by your Credit Score? Learn more.


pre qualification

Now you kind of have an idea about how much money you have for a down payment. Time to find out how much the bank is willing to give you for a mortgage. This is called getting pre-qualified. 

It's time to meet with a few lenders. The banks have different programs for first time home buyers. 

Not sure who to talk to? We can help. 


house shopping

Finally, the fun part!


Now is the time for you to be in charge and tell us what you want. What areas do you want to live in? How important is walkability to you? Do you want move-in ready or a fixer upper? 

We've even created a Home Wish checklist so we can guide you to your perfect place. 

Schedule an appointment with us and

let's get shopping. 


Making an offer

As a buyer, it costs you nothing to have a Realtor on your side.  Working with an agent from the Herrick Real Estate Group means that a pro is working for you to get you what you need; the right place, a fair price and a well-executed contract.

First, you'll make the seller a conditional offer in writing. When you have an agreement on price and possession date, the deal will be pending. Then you will have time to finalize your financing and get the home inspected (if you wish) before removing your conditions of sale. 


completing the sale

Once your conditions are removed, the property is considered SOLD.  Time to celebrate!


It is also the time to organize the movers, set up utilities, meet the lawyer, sign the mortgage at the bank and meet with contractors if you want to renovate your new place.  Eek! There are a few things to do but we promise it's not that hard. We work with the pros and we'll connect you to the right people.

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